I Can See Your Halo (Effect): Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 5

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Brand loyalty is often difficult to come by. If a company can convince their consumer base that a specific positive trait of one of their products extends to their entire merchandise catalogue or message, it often translates into a sales boost across the board. A favorable outlook on one product, or political value often creates a cognitive bias that extends to the entire company or party platform respectively.

This is a halo effect.

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School-Live! and the Mystery of Megu-nee

July 31, 2015 § 4 Comments

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“Strange friend, past, present, and to be;

Love deeplier, darklier understood;

Behold, I dream a dream of good,

And mingle all the world with thee.”

– In Memoriam A.H.H., Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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We Are the 60 Percent: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 4

July 25, 2015 § 3 Comments


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The 20 percent, 60 percent, 20 percent rule is often applied by corporate management to streamline performance within a business setting. Top-tier employees make up an average of 20 percent of one’s workforce, approximately 60 percent of those employees are acceptable performers, and another 20 percent won’t regularly meet expectations.

One of the key tasks of a manager applying this assessment principle is to focus on ridding themselves of the bottom 20 percent while aiding members of the 60 in becoming proud members of the top 20 percent. It’s important to note that this framework can be applied at any time with the purpose of reevaluating and consolidating one’s staff.

With that being said, who are the G-Crew’s top performers?

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But We Are Young, We Get By: Charlotte

July 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

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Are we like you? I can’t be sure

Of the scene as she turns.

We are strange in our worlds,

But we are young

– Supergrass, “Alright”

In a standard narrative of special teenagers, the special – be it a superpower, ability to slay vampires, or magic – is held in high esteem, especially upon discovery. There’s a reason why, “Yer a wizard, Harry.” rings true with so many readers. After all, who doesn’t want to leave their figurative cupboard underneath the stairs and be introduced to a world of magic?

Who doesn’t want to be special?

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School-Live! and Creating Dramatic Tension

July 19, 2015 § 11 Comments

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In another series, Kurumi Ebisuzawa may have had her wish fulfilled. Joining the track team to pursue a relationship with her senior – as much as one can pursue a romantic relationship by staring from a distance – Kurumi scores a chance to make her romantic dreams come true when that same senior meets up with her on the school rooftop.

The scene is perfectly crafted. As the two look over the railing at the sun setting over their town, the atmosphere is ripe for a confession.

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