Concrete Revolutio and Stating the Obvious

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“He states the ordinary, the obvious. That is how he moves people.”

-Emi Kino on Devilo, Concrete Revolutio, Episode 17

Sometimes, a simple statement is more powerful than the most eloquent of speeches.


“Kids can’t choose the adults in their lives.” Luluco and FLCL’s Ninamori

eri ninamori it's no big deal, i don't think it's a big deal or anything flcl ninamori, eri ninamori flcl, fooly cooly eri ninamori, marquis de carabas episode ninamori flcl

“Kids can’t choose the adults in their lives, least of all their parents. Ninamori’s father is the mayor of our town. I don’t really get it, but it must be hard for her.”

-Naota Nandaba, FLCL, Episode 3


Freyja Wion the First: Walkure and AKB0048

freyja wion, macross delta, macross delta freyja rune, freyja sings to hayate immelman macross delta

In the wake of Macross Delta‘s spring debut a rush to identify its spiritual predecessor has cropped up. While a line of progression can be drawn from Super Dimension Fortress Macross‘s Lynn Minmay to Macross 7‘s Fire Bomber, it’s reframed a bit with the advent of Delta‘s Walkure: a highly-specialized military tactical unit. Song in Delta is unabashedly weaponized, not used as a surprisingly convenient source of confusion, or a reckless and unsolicited effort.

One of Macross creator Shoji Kawamori’s properties between Macross Frontier and Delta was AKB0048 — for all intents and purposes, a Macross series without variable fighters, solely focused on idol competition and wielding music as a weapon.


The Flower Language of the Kiznaiver Women

kiznaiver flower meaning ending 1, kiznaiver ED, niko niyama kiznaiver ED flowers, blue-eyed grass nico niyama kiznaiver

In between “these look so pretty” and “this is a pointed message for a specific person” is the flower language of the Kiznaiver ending sequence. Tasked with closing out a series that identifies common anime character archetypes as the new seven deadly sins, the concluding piece of each episode features the four main female characters — presumably because they have a higher marketability than the male characters — and assigned flowers, in addition to flashes of various other flower species.

Kiznaiver‘s assortment of colorful characters trapped together à la The Breakfast Club — the former is far more hamfisted than the latter — are pressured by their captors to reveal the one secret they don’t want others to know in a forced bonding session to strengthen their ties. The flowers assigned to them in the ending fill in subtle details about their respective characters and potential roles within the series.


Crazy, Noisy, Bizarre Town: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on a Smaller Scale

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Full of gigantic hair, bulging muscles, and rapid-fire poses more grandiose and ridiculous than the next, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has always been big. A single glance at both Dio Brando and Jonathan Joestar in the first episode of Phantom Blood immediately lets the viewer know just what they’re getting into. At 12 years-old, Dio and Jonathan are already hulking giants who appear closer to the age of 25. Even a pre-vampiric Dio is appropriately menacing, with his comparatively smaller-scale dastardly deeds framed by hyperbolic commentary, dramatic poses, and visible onomatopoeia.

Until Diamond is Unbreakable, this first episode of Phantom Blood — the introduction to the most recent anime adaptation of JoJo’s as a whole — is the last time we see JoJo’s in the small scale. Events quickly spiral into mystic masks, vampires, massive power creep for the series’ protagonists from one generation to the next, and exotic foreign locales.