12 Days of Anime 2015

Here are twelve memorable moments from my anime-watching experiences in 2015. Note that not all series were aired in that year. This is part of the Twelve Days Project, by Scamp of The Cart Driver.


[Twelve] The Rolling Girls in potentia

[Eleven] She’s a Teacher, After All: Gakkou Gurashi and Megu-nee’s Guilt

[Ten] For the Love of Lulu Yurigasaki (or, that one time in fifth grade when I wasn’t allowed to play flag football)

[Nine] “I want to improve!”

[Eight] Five Minutes of Respite, Endless Night

[Seven] That One Scene in Shirobako

[Six] Hanekawa Asks For Help

[Five] The Immortal Densuke

[Four] The Girl and the Atmosphere

[Three] Let’s Search Evil!

[Two] Yuyushiki and the Whales

[One] Rebellion

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