12 Days of Anime 2016

Here are twelve memorable moments from my anime-watching experiences in 2016. Note that not all series were aired in that year. This is part of the Twelve Days Project.

[Twelve] A bit on my writing, this blog, and a Flying Witch

[Eleven] Amanchu and Anxiety

[Ten] JoJo’s Bizarre Nostalgia Trip

[Nine] Tsubasa Hanekawa’s Vacation – Koyomimonogatari

[Eight] Time Flies So Fast — Yuri!!! On Ice

[Seven] Flip Flapping!

[Six] Your First Love is Useless, Precious, and Invincible — Space Patrol Luluco

[Five] No, Mr Araragi, I want you to die (with me)

[Four] When the outro ends, the intro begins to play, onto the next song — Aikatsu! Stars

[Three] A Return to Digimon

[Two] No Words, Just Music

[One] “If Italy is the ‘Land of Love,’ then all the love is in my hands. – Lupin III


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