12 Days of Anime 2018

[Twelve] Personality, Memory, and Phosphophyllite — Land of the Lustrous

[Eleven] The 99th troupe’s 99th performance — Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

[Ten] To my younger self, in defense of Rei Hino — Sailor Moon

[Nine] There is always a Judy Knightley — Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

[Eight] “I forgive you” — Planet With 

[Seven] I hate you, I love you — Devilman Crybaby

[Six] Time flies like an arrow — Tsurune

[Five] Hope and Darkness — A Place Further Than the Universe

[Four] The meta opulence of Violet Evergarden — Violet Evergarden

[Three] Akane Shinjou wakes up — SSSS.Gridman

[Two] “Ma Claudine” — Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

[One] The night is short so walk on girl