Dear Isamu Alva Dyson,

isamu dyson, isamu, macross plus, flying

You are the best.

As I write this, I can see you nodding along to this assessment with a goofy grin, and why shouldn’t you? You have certainly thought of this yourself countless times. In fact, your overwhelming amount of self-confidence is one of the reasons why I love you so. Yours is not an artificial arrogance constructed as a barrier, designed to build yourself up in order to counteract an inability to acknowledge your own, and others’ weaknesses. Instead, you truly believe that you are the best at what you do, fostered by an insurmountable love for flying. It’s this unshakeable passion that drives you to such heights and unwittingly draws others to you.

What I love the most about you, Isamu, is this influence you have on others. Your actions, your passion, your arrogance, your love, they all affect the actions of those around you, whether they realize it or not. Regardless of whether those emotions inspired are positive or negative, you have a way of making others feel things that the necessarily wouldn’t have acknowledged without your presence. This is true of the sentiments you raise within Guld Goa Bowman and Myung Fang Lone, simply based on your history and prior friendship; however, it’s also true of the feelings you arouse in others like Yang Neumann. Yang would never have lifted a finger from his keyboard to help another human being before your arrival, but there he is by the end of it, nestled in the cockpit of the YF-19 and anticipating your attempt to steal it. Your actions are predictable, Isamu, so it’s unsurprising that someone, especially one as intelligent as Yang, would be able to forecast them; however, the fact that he is willing to aid you in your attempt speaks volumes of your influence without actually saying anything at all. Not only had he come to care about you as a friend, but Yang had also begun to acknowledge his own passion for that which he loves: his life’s work, the YF-19, and his true value as a chief engineer.

Most importantly, Isamu, you care a great deal about others. It informs all of your actions without you speaking a word of how you actually feel. Additionally, you leave it to your actions to coax an understanding from others. This is best seen in your final spat with Guld before the two of you reconcile. You rely on the tensions of an aerial battle and a rapid-fire series of childhood memories to jog Guld’s memory, allowing him to remember his prior transgressions on his own terms. And then, above all things, you apologize first. I’d like to think, Isamu, that your apology not only encapsulates an expression of sympathy for what your best friend had to go through, but also a heartfelt apology to yourself for keeping your own emotions locked away for so long. As you say, you knew the truth, and indubitably that truth hurt. In lieu of forcing the ones you love to remember on your terms, you allowed them to come to their own resolutions, perhaps out of love, perhaps out of guilt, perhaps out of fear, or a combination of the three. In the most optimistic readings of Arthurian legend, Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere loved each other equally and I confess, I’d like to think of you, Guld, and Myung in this manner: three people who, in the end, loved each other, in spite of the presence of unrequited romantic love.

Regardless of whether you read this in its entirety, or simply assumed the sentiment before throwing this letter in the trash – you’re hardly a reader, after all – I’ll know that this letter made you happy. It feeds your ego, after all, and that too, is one of the most loveable things about you. Here’s you to and all those like you, future pioneers.

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  1. The biggest knock on Isamu is how he took the dogfight with Guld to Macross City, without remorse and regard for civilian life and property. If Superman in the recent The Man of Steel got a lot of flack for leveling Metropolis while fighting multiple super aliens that kept him there, all the more deserving is our Isamu here.

    This I think undermines so much of what’s good about the most adult of the Macross narratives: the lack of regret, whereas the regrets of the characters is what made the story adult in the first place.

    Kids can’t have regrets yet, but truly Guld did even as he realized too late. Isamu was the ultimate bro in that relationship as it was revealed but to take the totality of his actions, he was incredibly shitty towards the civilians of Macross City.

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