[Ten] Got You Man, “Crowds.”

hajime ichinose, sugune tachibana, gatchaman, gatchaman crowds

Occasionally, a circumstance surrounding a series can be as interesting, or talked about, as events within the series itself. The one I’m about to speak of is not on the same scale as the Aku no Hana rotoscoping discussions – if one is able to call them that – but nonetheless, is the one that interested me the most.

Gatchaman Crowds was a series that captivated my attention this year for numerous reasons and its focus on communication, or our inability to communicate properly with one another, was certainly one of them. Early in the series’ run, I wrote about Hajime Ichinose and her oft-misunderstood methods of communicating with others and, as an opening to that post, I quoted the lyrics of Gatchaman Crowds‘ opening song, “Crowds,” by White Ash.

At least, that is what I thought I was quoting.

Upon the release of the White Ash single, “Crowds,” the official lyrics of the single were made apparent. Much confusion followed from Gatchaman Crowds fans, as the words strung together were complete nonsense, with lines such as, “Unders heavenly on the clone it,” and my personal favorite, “Write the mean destroy baby rat.” Once my initial, bewildered feelings had subsided, I came to embrace the idea that the lyrics of “Crowds” were another – albeit completely unintentional – way of showing communication. Resonance could still be found in the song, regardless of the nonsensical lyrics.

I managed to coerce anime-watching compatriots, and a few unlucky coworkers, to take their best shot at telling me what the lyrics were, and they didn’t disappoint. It was a fun project for me, and hopefully they don’t hate me too much for it. In celebration, below is my rendition of “Crowds” with my favorite set of lyrics received from none other than Shinmaru at The Cart Driver. Listen at your own risk.


    1. I certainly cannot sing well (the entire first half of this one minute clip I’m completely flat) but I love singing. Plus, “Crowds” is such a fun song because you can belt it out and no one will really care if you’re off…I hope. ^ ^

  1. This made me chuckle and laugh.

    I remember going “Huh, huh.” when the subs had been released.

    I wonder if they used google translate from Japanese to English to come up with the lyrics. Someone must get in touch with the band/show producers and find out what’s going on here.

    But sure, that’s quite a moment 🙂

    1. In the initial post I wrote, with the survey results, I remember a commenter asking me if anyone had been able to contact White Ash (via twitter or other social media) to ask them how they came up with the lyrics to “Crowds.” Sadly, I was never able to do it myself (I had forgotten until this comment, actually).

      Watching the reaction on twitter was pretty great. ^ ^ Thanks for commenting.

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