[Nine] “We have a secret!”

"Did you cry today, Dad?" Koto, Kyousogiga, Koto and Inari, Kyousogiga episode two

“Did you cry today, Dad?”

Before the secrets of the Mirror Capital were revealed, there was Koto.

Episode two of Kyousogiga (the third episode to air, if one is including the initial episode 00) shows a young Koto, barreling her way through her own childhood with only a minimal amount of direction from her caretaker Inari. She knows that Inari is her father, but is unable to say so, and knows nothing of her mother. One night, Inari leaves a sleeping Koto, rousing her when she realizes that Inari is no longer in bed with her. Curious to his whereabouts, she follows him to a room with a large chair, a mural of mirror Kyoto on one side, and a framed picture of Lady Koto on the other. This entire scene – recreated shoddily below – reunites Koto with her mother, Lady Koto, although she is unable to physically talk to the black rabbit, or even touch her.

kyousogiga, inari sitting in chair with black rabbit on his lap, lady koto

kyousogiga, koto looks at the mural of the mirror capital

kyousogiga, koto looks back at the black rabbit, lady koto

kyousogiga, framed portrait of lady koto

kyousogiga, koto's eyes widen

kyousogiga, koto stares at lady koto, the black rabbit

kyousogiga, the black rabbit looks at Koto

kyousogiga, koto and the black rabbit look at each other

kyousogiga, koto leans down to touch the rabbit

kyousogiga, the rabbit, lady koto, evaporates in koto's hands

kyousogiga, koto holds out her hands

kyousogiga, koto clenches her fists

In following episodes, Kyousogiga shows how each child individually was affected by the defection of their parents, but nothing beats the blocking, music, and overall drama of this scene where Koto discovers her mother for the first time. Additionally, as Koto clenches her fists at the end, one can sense her determination. She will find her mother someday. She has a secret.

When Inari arrives home from one of his trips, she is quick to take off his mask. Decisively calling him “Dad,” she asks if he has cried today. She saw him cry in front of the drawing of Koto the black rabbit. Koto only has secrets, but now she and Inari can share one together.

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