Moonlight Shines Upon Me: Sailor Moon Crystal

usagi tsukino, moon princess, princess serenity, sailor moon, sailor moon crystal, sailor moon crystal eyecatch

In junior high school, I fell seriously ill. Confined to the house, with occasional field trips to the doctor’s office or hospital, I developed an odd schedule due to fevers and medication. I missed approximately two months of school – spread out over the course of three months – and managed to keep up with my work at home. Piles of books grew beside my bed and underneath my pillow, accompanied by watercolors, crayons, and pencils that gradually scattered themselves on the carpet.

When I wasn’t bound to my bed, I wandered the house like a ghost. Sleep was fitful, and one morning I found myself watching television around 4 a.m. when I stumbled upon the English dub of Sailor Moon.

sailor moon crystal, sailor moon, usagi tsukino, sailor moon crystal eyecatch

Sailor Moon time quickly became my favorite time of the day. I began setting my alarm early and taping each episode onto blank VHS tapes, only to rewatch them later. I painted countless watercolors of all of the sailor scouts. I ventured online and found fansites. I bought every volume of manga – which began under the name Mixx and ended under Tokyopop – as it was released. My first anime media purchase was the Sailor Moon S Movie on VHS.

The series resonated strongly with me, leading to daydreams of turning into a sailor-suited heroine to save my friends. I couldn’t see myself in Usagi/Serena Tsukino; however, Sailor Moon provided the exact escapist fantasy that I craved at that time. This may have been a shallow reason, but Sailor Moon gave me something to look forward to regularly in a routine that was dull, confined, and isolated.

sailor moon crystal, tuxedo mask, mamoru chiba, usagi tsukino, sailor moon

Sailor Moon Crystal opens like a movie. It slowly pans over a starry sky, meandering into Usagi’s dreams of a princess and a prince. There’s no doubt that this series is playing to a preexisting audience of rabid fans, myself included. I wonder how many of them chuckled when Umino appeared, laughed as Usagi’s cries took out a horde of possessed shoppers, or grinned stupidly when they heard Kotono Mitsuishi yell, “Moon Prism Power, MAKE UP!”

Those dreams of donning high-heeled boots and a miniskirt are over. I’m far more of a Miss Haruna at this point in my life than an Usagi Tsukino. Instead of drifting off while doing homework, my life is filled with things like work, writing freelance articles. Although I’m busy, I often feel just as isolated from people I care about as that seventh-grade girl with pneumonia who couldn’t attend school for two months. Sailor Moon Crystal has arrived at a perfect time in my life, similar to my fortunate discovery of its predecessor. Watching it felt like reuniting with a familiar friend.





    1. Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be blogging it episodically or anything (although that would be fun), but I may pop in here and there to make comparisons. More to my point, Sailor Moon is something that I cannot divorce my own personal feelings from, so I’m definitely not the person to draw an objective opinion from on the series as it airs. ^ ^

  1. I’ve never watched Sailor Moon before, although I know it used to air on local TV in my home country, badly dubbed into the local language. Far worse than the English version.
    I wonder why it’s being aired once every 2 weeks though. Maintaining quality control?

    What other shows do you plan to cover for the Summer season? Presumably Free! Season 2 will be on that list, although plenty of others are popping out right now.

    1. The English version was heavily edited, and is now woefully dated, but yeah it was serviceable enough to enamor an entire generation. ^ ^

      I would think the schedule is to maintain quality control. Toei’s other large series right now are Majin Bone, Happiness Charge Precure, and Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutarou. Happiness Charge has already had its share of “quality” moments (as to be expected from a long-running series like that), so perhaps they want to avoid this as much as possible with Sailor Moon.

      I am watching Free! season two. ^ ^ Additionally, I really liked Nozaki-kun and Bakaramon. Ao Haru Ride, Glasslip, Aldnoah.Zero were okay. I’m really looking forward to Zenkyou no Terror tomorrow.

  2. As Sailor Moon was my first exposure to anime, I can relate. I was five, at a friend’s birthday party. It was noisy and horrible, tons of screaming kids hyped up on cake and candy. I hated it and fled to one of the bedrooms upstairs to get away from the party. The TV was turned on and a tape of a Sailor Moon movie was playing. Something about maroon flowers turning people evil and a blonde throwing her head ornament like a weapon. I didn’t even know what was going on. I was hooked.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have cable and were stuck watching our run-of-the-mill Saturday cartoons and Power Rangers. It wasn’t until I was much, much older (in high school) that Sailor Moon popped back in my mind.

    Watching it as a teenager (and as an adult) is a very different experience than watching it when I was five. But I’ve yet to lose that sense of wonder when I see that transformation sequence.

    I haven’t seen Crystal yet, but it looks visually stunning.

    1. Oh man, I’m trying to pinpoint the exact episode you were watching, but I can’t hehe. It’s always great to hear others’ stories about how they began watching anime, especially Sailor Moon since it’s so dear to me personally.

      Crystal is definitely higher-quality than the first season. I’m hoping they bring back Mamoru’s hideous jacket for old times’ sake though. ^ ^

        1. Yeah it’s a really garish neon green. The “new” Mamoru already seems warmer, much more like the manga character as opposed to his anime counterpart, which I am all for. ^ ^

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