Through the Eyes of God (And Leonardo Watch)

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“Life, which is hard enough as it is, is even harder here. Even more so for a small timer like me, whose only redeeming feature is that I’m normal.”

– Leonardo Watch, Blood Blockade Battlefront, episode 1

Both viewers of anime and in-universe characters alike often yearn to be exceptional. The traditional special teen narrative focuses on plucking protagonists from their humdrum lives and plopping them elsewhere, bestowing upon them universe-breaking powers. Blood Blockade Battlefront‘s Leonardo Watch is no exception, only he never wished for the all-seeing eyes of god. They were given to him unwillingly, as his sister Michella was able to act more quickly in a high pressure situation, offering her eyes as part of a sacrifice.

As a result, his ordinary looks become his greatest asset, hiding his one of a kind power.

michella watch, michella sacrifices her eyes for leonardo, blood blockade battlefront, the eyes of god, kekkai sensen michella, kekkai sensen

While we, as an audience, can easily identify with being normal, possessing the eyes of god is something completely unrelatable. It becomes the task of Blood Blockade Battlefront to convince us just how powerful Leonardo’s eyes are through visual representation.

white, blood blockade battlefront, kekkai sensen, leonardo looks at white chain sumeragi, kekkai sensen chain, kekkai sensen sumeragi, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront klaus von reinhertz, kekkai sensen klaus, klaus' eyes, blood blockade battlefront klaus, kekkai sensen prosfair sonic monkey, monkey in kekkai sensen, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront zap renfro, zapp renfro, zapp has a staring contest with the monkey, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront

This begins with an overall focus on characters’ eyes, or lack thereof. Leonardo now stands out from others, even with his ordinary character design, as his eyes are nearly always shut or covered by tinted goggles. The only times that they are not shut, are when he is actively using his power, or is forced to open his eyes by others.

leonardo watch, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront, leonardo watch eyes closedleonardo watch with the eyes of god, all seeing eyes of the gods leonardo watch, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront

 Activating the eyes of god is accompanied by an auditory cue and the presentation of the scene through our eyes – what a normal person would see – and a haze, before the true image that Leonardo sees is revealed.

ordinary vision in blood blockade battlefront, kekkai sensen, bbb leonardo watch's eyes, leonardo's vision in blood blockade battlefront, kekkai sensen

Pictured above is an instance where Leonardo accidentally sees through the facade of an underground human trafficking scheme. This is contrasted with Leonardo seeing the character of White for the first time. While the opening of his eyes is noticeably not accompanied by the sound indicating the activation of his powers, the eyes of god are visible but White appears as a normal girl.

leonardo watch, the all seeing eyes of god kekkai sensen, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront, leonardo sees white for the first time white, kekkai sensen white, blood blockade battlefront

This continued focus on eyes, specifically within the context of what the average person sees in comparison to what Leonardo sees sets the scene for Blood Blockade Battlefront‘s fourth episode, where vampires are thrown into the eclectic mix of in-universe creatures.

elder blood breed, elder blood breed vampire, leonardo watch sees the vampires, leonardo watch vision, blood blockade battlefront, kekkai sensen

Bringing things full circle to Leonardo’s existence, his survival relies on the fact that he appears unassuming. Like the facades that he can see through with his god eyes, his outward appearance hides the truth of what is present. Similarly, the vampires of Blood Blockade Battlefront have full control over how visible they are to others, and what form they take. Most of the time, they cannot be seen at all, although when they allow it, they appear as normal humans.

monstress, elder blood breed female, kekkai sensen vampire, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront

Red eyes denote the Blood Blockade Battlefront vampire; however, this is solely for our benefit. We, unlike Leonardo, do not possess the eyes of god, and therefore require visual aid from the series itself.

mysterious vampire boy, elder blood breed, kekkai sensen, the boy on the train in kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront

Through the character of a mysterious blond boy, we learn that vampires don’t always have to have red eyes, and can seemingly choose to display them at their, or our, convenience. Pictured above speaking to Leonardo on the train, the boy has aquamarine eyes. Later, when speaking to White, he reveals that his eyes are red.

mystery boy taking to white in kekkai sensen, mystery boy red eyes, elder blood breed, blood blockade battlefront, kekkai sensen

Most notably, this boy has been present since Blood Blockade Battlefront‘s first episode, and was shown observing Leonardo at his favorite diner.

kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront, mystery boy

Like Leonardo, the boy’s eyes remain hidden until it’s necessary to reveal them to the audience, often shrouded by his glasses. In addition to the visual cue of red eyes, he cements his identity by telling Leonardo that he knows his name, presumably from the piece of paper that Leonardo was able to read earlier in the series’ fourth episode.

paper, vampire list of names, elder blood breed, kekkai sensen, blood blockade battlefront

It is this list of names Leonardo can see with his god eyes that precipitates Klaus Von Reinhertz’s ability to seal one of the vampires away. While Leonardo relies on his ordinary outward appearance for self preservation, the vampires in his story rely on their lack of identity. All of this is reiterated beautifully within the visual direction of the series.



  1. Oh, man, I totally missed that the blonde kid’s eyes changed in that final scene with White.

    Also, I giggled a bit at you having a picture of Sonic’s eyes in with all the human characters. ^_^

    1. Yeah, I thought the eye changing was neat, because it’s specifically for us dummies that don’t have the eyes of god.

      I just think the monkey is hilarious. ^ ^;

      1. Blondie, or at least one of the blondies, had red eyes when they popped up in the first episode and possibly the op as well. But that makes me wonder, if we the audience see the difference, and Leo does too, what was the point? A little bit of extra suspense? Some people have been theorizing that the two blondies are just a split personality and if that’s the case I wonder if the eye color is key there.

        1. I think it’s more for our benefit, so we the audience can identify him as a vampire through the visual shortcut of red eyes. Leo can already see that he’s a vampire because of the god eyes, but we can’t see that, if that makes sense.

          This doesn’t rule out the idea of a split personality though, so that’s an interesting theory that I hadn’t considered. ^ ^;

          1. Actually, I’m not so sure he IS a vampire. Here me out, yes he was formally introduced in the vampire episode so by association that makes sense, Occam’s Razor. But his “you already know what I am” line comes right after he gives Leo the breakdown of people in the city and ends with “5% who cannot be perceived” and Leo has no clue what the vampires are until later in the episode. And given that he was first shown in the series right after Leo uses his God Eyes in the first episode (I *think* for the first time), showing his red eyes as well (and as well all know, red is the opposite of blue in anime symbolism shorthand) I think he’s something in that 5% but not vampire, certainly a counterpart to Leo whose not a regular human anymore either.
            I have seen a lot of people point out that this vampire episode seems like it’s setting up to be a main conflict in the series and that would tie him back into the story so who knows, I’m sticking to my theory until disproved however!

        2. I think that blondie got a vampire soul into him because in one episode you can clearly see that he’s talking to another blondie that looks exactly like him,and when he dissappears,the red eyes pop out!Plus in one episode you can clearly a white smoke was between his sister and him and it entered the boys body.The white smoke can be the vampire soul he has within him.

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