We Are the 60 Percent: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 4


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The 20 percent, 60 percent, 20 percent rule is often applied by corporate management to streamline performance within a business setting. Top-tier employees make up an average of 20 percent of one’s workforce, approximately 60 percent of those employees are acceptable performers, and another 20 percent won’t regularly meet expectations.

One of the key tasks of a manager applying this assessment principle is to focus on ridding themselves of the bottom 20 percent while aiding members of the 60 in becoming proud members of the top 20 percent. It’s important to note that this framework can be applied at any time with the purpose of reevaluating and consolidating one’s staff.

With that being said, who are the G-Crew’s top performers?

millione show tsubasa and gel, tsubasa and gelsadra save rui ninomiya, millio gatchaman crowds insight, millione gatchaman crowds insight

“We’re heroes, so isn’t it more important that we focus on helping people in need?”

– Tsubasa Misudachi, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 4

Tsubasa Misudachi looks to be in the top 20 percent. She, along with Gel Sadra, stopped Rhythm Suzuki’s attack on Rui Ninomiya before Rui died. In the process, she made herself a household name. With outlets like the Millione Show more than willing to play her presumed heroism on a constant video loop, Tsubasa’s currently in the public’s good graces.

However, what Tsubasa has failed to realize in her meteoric rise to stardom is that her methods – guided by her own inner moral compass alone – presume that her actions are the right ones. While no one would argue that Tsubasa bears ill will, or that her intentions are not good, her thought process fails to take into account the feelings of others.

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“If everyone united their hearts and tackled their problems together, they’d be able to solve everything!”

– Gel Sadra, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 4

The irony is that her closest gatchaman partner and friend is Gel Sadra, one who can mine others’ thoughts. If Tsubasa had cared enough to want to know what Rui was thinking, Gel could have easily read Rui’s mind. However, Gel has ideas of his own, and they line up perfectly with Tsubasa’s singular way of thinking. Both want to unify the world so that it will become free of conflict.

There are obvious limitations to this line of thinking, even with Gel’s ability to poll the human mind. With so many thoughts to process, Gel presumably relays the mean of the information he gathers, which would change based on sample size, location, etc. A large part of Earth’s primitive nature – in the words of Paiman – is the variety of thoughts from one end of the spectrum to the other.

tsubasa hajime and hachiko statue, tsubasa and hajime argue gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds insight hachiko statue shibuya, hajime ichinose, tsubasa misudachi

“When people aren’t united, there can be pretty sparkles when they clash!”

– Hajime Ichinose, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 4

With Tsubasa and Gel firmly in the 60 percent range, Hajime Ichinose is now highlighted as a candidate for top-tier G-Crew status. In spite of Tsubasa affirming that Hajime is heartless or unfeeling towards others, Hajime’s outlook is crucial in these types of arguments. In Gatchaman Crowds, Hajime’s ability to consider others’ personal contexts made her an indispensable G-Crew member.

In a statement echoing her initial commentary on Rui in Crowds‘ sixth episode, Hajime remarks that Gel doesn’t have to change as much as he has. She’s also cryptically warned by Berg Katze that Gel’s continued presence will be dangerous for Katze. What sets Hajime apart from her peers is that she considers Katze’s input – until he begins spewing bile – when no one else does. One of the best qualities of a top performer is an innate sense of independence, which Hajime certainly possesses.

Crowds insight also made it a point to return to Hajime’s number one weakness: her inability to communicate her thoughts and ideas to others. Now is the time for Hajime to step up, but she continues to lack a method of communication beyond vague words and wild gestures.

rui ninomiya in the hospital, rui ninomiya gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds insight rui hospital

Conspicuously absent from the CROWDS debate is their creator, Rui Ninomiya. Sidelined by injuries sustained in the rooftop encounter with Rhythm, Rui spends the entirety of insight‘s fourth episode in a hospital bed while others debate the merits of Rui’s product.

CROWDS and GALAX are both close to Rui’s heart and personal ideals. While Tsubasa didn’t mean to harm Rui in her rescue attempt, she likely has lost Rui’s trust. Without a method to communicate to Rui, the other G-Crew members – along with the users of Rui’s product – are left to presume Rui’s wishes.

OD gatchaman crowds insight, it's like trying to ban all cars OD CROWDS debate, OD gatchaman crowds, gatchaman crowds insight OD

“People have principles that can’t be sacrificed, even if it means losing their lives.”

– O.D., Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 3

The most interesting G-Crew member, and possible top-tier performer, is O.D. Harnessed with the potential to destroy the world, should he activate his gatchaman powers, O.D. usually comments offhandedly on the situation in a casual tone, rarely expressing his opinion. The fourth episode of insight marks one of the few instances where O.D. has made a point to exert any sort of pressure in an argument, and he speaks out against Jou Hibiki’s anti-CROWDS sentiments.

O.D. also briefly stopped Tsubasa, asking her the important question of whether she would still fight, even if it meant going against Rui’s wishes. He lets her go when she immediately answers, “Yes,” but has obvious trepidation in doing so. There are also interesting parallels to be had between O.D.’s powers – which are unable to be activated, lest he destroy Earth – and Tsubasa’s which require the catalyst of anger or a deep desire to help someone. In many ways, O.D. seems like an evolved Tsubasa, one who was a member of the 60 percent, but was promoted thanks to experience and growth.

jou hibiki, joe hibiki gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds jou

“Suzuki Rhythm did a good job.”

– Jou Hibiki, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 4

For the purpose of this exercise, Jou falls into the bottom 20 percent category, not necessarily for his performance, but his influence. Bottom-tier performers are notorious for their negative impact, specifically on the members of the 60 percent. Jou was always a stodgy representative of the old superhero guard, and he returns to those inflexible roots in this episode.

kira kira hajime ichinose insight, gatchaman crowds insight hajime, hajime ichinose, utsutsu gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds insight

Hajime is quick to point out, once everyone starts arguing, that this is what she loves about when people and ideas clash. Like Gel Sadra, Hajime has the ability to bring people together, but not by unifying their thoughts. In evaluating the G-Crew, or groups of people in general, she eschews stratification and allows for expression instead.



  1. I wonder which percentage Sugane, Paiman and Utsusu belong to right now…

    That said, I can see how Gel might rise in the elections by using his mind-polling skills to appeal to the majority’s wants. The only issue that might arise is their fickleness, since what the majority agrees on today could become tomorrow’s taboo.

    On Laplace, what do you think of it? Some viewers have likened its freakish macabreness to the new Hannibal TV series (with Mads Mikkelsen as the titular cannibal). Have you seen it?

    1. Laplace is okay. It varies wildly in consistency and enjoyment for me, so I’m not really sure how I feel about it.

      I think the fickleness point is really important. If all Gel Sadra is doing is mining the thoughts of others and acting on them immediately, that could be a problem down the road when people change their minds.

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