[One] Rebellion

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Earlier this year, I resigned myself to return to the Puella Magi Madoka Magica franchise, in the hopes that I could rekindle my lost love for it. Unsurprisingly, my most recent foray back into the franchise – marathoning all three Madoka movies in order – reignited the feelings that I had for Madoka when it was initially airing. What may come as more of a surprise, is that it was Madoka: Rebellion that stirred me the most.

Rebellion is, as a general rule, much-maligned by Madoka fans. At best, it’s considered indulgent fanservice. At worst it’s panned for character assassination of the highest order. My own thoughts on the movie itself are conflicted. Even having rediscovered my personal love for Madoka, I still don’t hold the series in the same esteem as others, in spite of believing it incredibly well-executed.

However, I do love Rebellion.

It’s wonderful, weird, and attempts something so contrary to the magical girl ouevre that it’s nearly impossible to peel one’s eyes from the screen, even if their emotional reaction is vehement anger. Lingering shots on familiar vistas from the series make the world of Rebellion suddenly seem so much larger and grandiose than the original Mitakihara, when in actuality it’s the former which acts like a movie set and the latter that is the in-universe reality. Beautiful transformation sequences and eerie banquets with their Nightmare prey pervert any sort of pleasure derived from seeing one’s favorite characters effectively reborn. It’s a completely grotesque movie and I love it all the more for that.


  1. ^-^ Have you notice no one ever seems to talks about the destruction Homura endlessly walks though? At the end of the series we see homura walking though the destruction of walpurgisnacht even though in madoka’s world she beat it…..or did she? Homura is not rebelling ageist madoka but ageist the universe that has trapped her soul in this endless hell of pain and torment.

        1. O_o It honestly makes a load more sense when you think about it. All of the girls made a sinful wish to a figurative devil in exchange for there soul. O_O Homura traps everyone into her own personal hell where madoka will save everyone trapping Homura in sleep, forgetting why she trapped her and then starting the cycle again.

          ^_o Because Homura and Madoka exist outside of the universe kyubey can’t keep track of them.

          Madoka’s wish was made from the power crated by Homura’s wish creating a paradox. As long as Madoka brakes her prison one in a while the universe can never run-out of power (^-o endless amounts of energy).

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