Kiznaiver Episodic Blogging for Crunchyroll

tsuguhito yuta honoka maki, honoka maki kiznaiver scarred hand with ruru's manga, charles de macking manga honoka maki kiznaiver episode 7, yuta reaches out to maki with her manga kiznaiver, kiznaiver episode 7 yuta and maki

I’m not usually one for overt blog updates; however, this news is fairly big and I’m really excited about it. It also affects actual content here. Going forward I will be one of Crunchyroll’s weekly featured writers. The series I have been called upon to blog about is Kiznaiver, which is great since I’ve had a lot to say about this series thus far.

This in no way means that I’ll stop writing about Kiznaiver on this blog — sometimes I just have a great deal to say — but I will be prioritizing episodic posts for them. You can find my first post (on the series’ seventh episode) here.

Thank you.


  1. Congratulations and truly well deserved! I’ve long been an admirer of your fantastic writing here on the blog. I think the world of mainstream anime writing could sorely use more of your style of thoughtful retrospection and analysis.

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