[Eleven] Amanchu! and Anxiety — Pikari’s Routine

pikari amanchu, amanchu! episode 2 pikari's routine, amanchu! pikari gets dressed in the morning and goes to school pikari in the mirror amanchu!

I am terrified of everything.

Not a day goes by where I am not afraid of something. Meeting other people is one of the more anxiety-inducing things I will do in a day, and most interactions are filtered through my mind and directed towards the worst possible outcome.

Someone doesn’t respond to a text or DM? They hate me. Someone whom I do not know looks at me oddly in public? I must have unwittingly done something to slight them.

We’ll put aside the part where this actually makes me incredibly self-centered — don’t worry, that’s another post to come — and focus how I actually do communicate with people in public. Interactions go differently than you may think, based on my previous assertions of terror. My job relies on me talking to people on a regular basis, especially when I attend events. I not only need to interview others, but I need to put my subjects at ease — appearing a nervous wreck does not people others at ease, in case you were wondering — and make conversations as natural as possible in order to coax out the best answers.

For the most part, I’m successful.

pikari floating in pool cherry blossoms amanchu!, amanchu! pool scene episode 2 pikari cherry blossoms, pikari in the pool amanchu!

Around the same time I began regularly attending events for my job, I became really interested in Korean skincare products and Kbeauty as a whole. The idea of having a regular routine appealed to me, as did spending a small amount of time on my appearance.

I didn’t think I’d ever care about the pH balance of my skin, or exfoliate my face with acid — far less scary than it sounds, I promise. I’ve never thought of myself as physically attractive — and still don’t — but taking better care of my face has been surprisingly fun. It’s been a series of cool science experiments with a better-looking face to show for it. I follow a step-by-step routine every morning and every night. It has an amazing calming effect.

pikari whistle amanchu!, amanchu! pikari, hikari kohinata pikari amanchu! episode 2

Amanchu! is a wonderfully relaxing series that shows transfer student Futaba Ooki dealing with her own social anxiety. However, in its second episode, Amanchu! also peers into Hikari Kohinata’s morning routine, which is surprisingly regimented given her eccentricities.

Hikari (or Pikari as she’s called by Futaba) takes a page from her experience as a diver to organize herself in the morning. She goes through a checklist before heading out the door. I imagine her performing this routine every day out of habit, just like the buddy checks she does before diving.

Pikari is an odd duck. She’s not going to appeal to all viewers — she infuriates in-universe characters at times — but I love her weirdness and her routine. Having a routine is something that’s helped me relax immensely, and I’d like to think that it helps Pikari control her nervous energy as well.


  1. Pikari is such a sweetheart, and I love her quirky approach to life.
    Out of curiosity, what Korean skincare products do you use? I’ve always maintained a strict skin routine, but have yet to dabble in any Korean or Japanese products.

    1. Right now my routine is this:


      SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleanser
      COSRX AHA/BHA adjusting toner
      COSRX BHA (wait 20min)
      Hygee Balance Essence
      Banila Co. Miss Flower and Mr Honey cream
      Thank You Farmer Water Sun Cream SPF 50+PA+++


      Banila Co. Clean it Zero (oil cleanser to remove sunscreen and makeup, if I wore makeup that day)
      SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleanser
      Hygee Balance Essence
      Sunday Riley Luna sleeping oil (not Kbeauty but amazing and unfortunately expensive)
      Holysnails Shark Sauce
      Sheet mask??? (maybe not always)
      Banila Co. Miss Flower and Mr Honey cream

      I have SUPER DRY skin and live in an amazingly dry climate in winter, so your mileage will definitely vary. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone use the Miss Flower and Mr Honey cream during the day unless they have really dry skin AND live in a dry place. ^ ^;

      1. I have legendary dry skin, so this sounds pretty awesome 😄 and wow, so much work morning and night!!! This is definitely way more steps than my usual. I’ll have to look for some of these to try. Thanks!!!

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