[One] “If Italy is the ‘Land of Love,’ then all the love is in my hands.” – Lupin III

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One of my favorite anime series that I watched in 2016 is a series that I did not write about until this post.

Although the two series are nothing alike, I have similar feelings towards Lupin III Part 4 or Lupin III (2015) that I also have towards Flying Witch. Both are so strong and successful at what they want to accomplish that there’s little left for me to write, other than to reiterate my personal love for it.

rebecca rosellini and lupin iii, lupin iii and rebecca rossellini lupin iii episode 1 part 4 skydiving, lupin and rebecca lupin iii episode 1 part 4

Lupin III (2015) is hilarious, sexy, and even emotionally affecting at times. Its episodic format allows you to move through it quickly, savoring everything in bit-sized pieces that eventually tie into a larger storyline that never weighs the series down. If you find that you don’t like an episode or character, chances are that the next episode won’t focus on them as much. The series continues to move at a good pace that never feels frenetic and stops to smell the roses, sometimes literally, along the way. New characters to the franchise — specifically Rebecca Rossellini whom Lupin marries in the series’ first episode — fit well into the existing dynamic, and you don’t need to be an avid Lupin III fan to understand said dynamic.

Most importantly, Lupin III (2015) is fun. It has a sense of joy and delight that few other series, anime or no, manage to embody. My writing in this post is trite and wrote in comparison — I can’t begin to give the series justice. I highly recommend this series to anyone, even those who don’t watch a lot of anime series.

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