When Love Doesn’t Drift Away: Claudia LaSalle and Everyday Love in Macross

super dimensional fortress macross, sdf macross episode 33, Claudia LaSalle

It is easier, and far more dramatic, to declare your love for something or someone once the stage is set. In Super Dimension Fortress Macross episode 27, “Love Drifts Away,” the series itself, along with its protagonist, Hikaru Ichijou, belts out its love for the Earth, entertainment, and the idea of love itself through the mouthpiece of Lynn Minmay, placing her on the grandest stage as a herald of both the Earth’s destruction and subsequent victory over the Zentradi.

Initially, I was hesitant to finish Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Upon watching episode 27, I couldn’t fathom the series topping the emotional climax of Lynn Minmay singing “Love Drifts Away” against the backdrop of an epic space battle, followed by Hikaru rescuing Misa Hayase while the sun sets over the scorched Earth.

Then, I encountered a “Rainy Night.”


Why Alcatraz? A brief study in Macross technology.

“Star-crossed souls slow dancing, retreating and advancing, across the sky until the end of time.”

-DeVotchKa, “Till the End of Time.”

Future human technology in anime (additionally in other media fiction) is often better aligned with the whimsy of the imaginary than current technology. We desperately to believe that such things as flying cars in skyways, traveling by plastic tubes, or food materializers could exist and thanks to the wonderful world of animation, they can. Thanks to the wonderful world of imagination, along with intelligent-sounding faux-scientific terms, they can also appear to be legitimate road for humanity to travel.