Yuri!!! On Ice

It’s JJ Style! — A New Year’s Day Yuri!!! On Ice Post

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There’s no one, two, or even ten ways to categorize fears and feelings of inadequacy. They come in all shapes and sizes.


Another Frame of Reference (Yuri!!! On Ice and Social Media Part Two)

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“I still have videos of what happened.”

-Viktor Nikiforov to Yuri Katsuki, Yuri!!! On Ice, Episode 10


Yuri!!! On Ice on Social Media and Ephemerality

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I began watching Yuri!!! On Ice in a hotel room in Oakland, California during a month-long business trip covering the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. Perhaps that’s why Viktor Nikiforov’s phone case of his own outfit caught my attention — I had seen a similar occurance in professional LoL. SK Telecom T1 superstar Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, the best player to ever have played the game, also owns a phone case of his own likeness*.

Both Viktor and Faker are superstars beyond comparison in their respective fields, despite the former’s existence as a fictional character. Faker is an intelligent, courteous, and confident young man who would never say or do anything that would affect anyone’s perception of the SK Telecom T1 brand. All of his social media is handled by his organization, and he eschews having his own Twitter account — fellow teammates Bae “Bang” Jun-sik and Lee “Wolf” Jae-hwan both partake in Twitter, especially the latter. Faker is still in the prime of his career, on the cusp of winning a third World Championship title. By contrast, Viktor is eccentric, whimsical, and expressive above all else.