Gatchaman Crowds

[Five] Hajime’s World

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When I was in fifth grade, I wished to cut my hair cut pixie-length short. Upon plopping down in the gigantic chair at the salon, my stylist asked me what I wanted from her. I unsuccessfully tried to explain it. After a few moments, I asked for a piece of paper and quickly drew a head with the hairstyle that I wanted. It took far less time than explaining, and my amused stylist went to work, chopping at least a foot off of my current hair length. Had I continued my description, it would have taken far longer to tell her what I wanted. In fact, speaking is my least successful method of communicating with others.


[Ten] Got You Man, “Crowds.”

hajime ichinose, sugune tachibana, gatchaman, gatchaman crowds

Occasionally, a circumstance surrounding a series can be as interesting, or talked about, as events within the series itself. The one I’m about to speak of is not on the same scale as the Aku no Hana rotoscoping discussions – if one is able to call them that – but nonetheless, is the one that interested me the most.

Gatchaman Crowds was a series that captivated my attention this year for numerous reasons and its focus on communication, or our inability to communicate properly with one another, was certainly one of them. Early in the series’ run, I wrote about Hajime Ichinose and her oft-misunderstood methods of communicating with others and, as an opening to that post, I quoted the lyrics of Gatchaman Crowds‘ opening song, “Crowds,” by White Ash.

At least, that is what I thought I was quoting.