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The Kunihiko Ikuhara school for teachers (why Wonder Egg Priority’s Sawaki is bad actually)

Is Shuuichirou Sawaki all that bad?

I’ve seen this question asked fairly frequently as Wonder Egg Priority has continued to air. Sawaki, who is protagonist Ai Ohto’s teacher and visits her house frequently, hasn’t technically done anything wrong. Even in the series’ latest episode, his desire to date Ai’s mother (which is his most egregious action thus far) isn’t bad per se. Most of Sawaki’s actions are framed as suspect, but could still be written off as over-caution or a negative bias on Ai’s part due to his presence in Koito Nanase’s life (and, presumably, her death).

Although Kunihiko Ikuhara isn’t involved in Wonder Egg Priority‘s production, his influence is present throughout the series. I wanted to take the time to talk a bit about Ikuhara characters found at schools and how Wonder Egg Priority is framing Sawaki in a very specific way.

Spoilers for Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mawaru Penguindrum, and Yuri Kuma Arashi.


Ai Ohto’s room and safety in Wonder Egg Priority

Private rooms and home decor can be used in pointed ways to tell us more about the characters they belong to and Wonder Egg Priority once again seems to be borrowing a lot from Kunihiko Ikuhara’s attention to detail in all of his series — particularly Yuri Kuma Arashi and Mawaru Penguindrum.

So, let’s overanalyze Ai Ohto’s room. Why? Because while it’s not quite Lulu Yurigasaki from Yuri Kuma Arashi level, it does say a lot about Ai, her mental state, and the concept of being safe in Wonder Egg Priority.


Flowers for Neiru Aonuma (Wonder Egg Priority Episode 5)

Although Neiru Aonuma has been a constant of Wonder Egg Priority since the series’ second episode, she’s rarely been a series focal point. Rika Kawai and Momoe Sawaki each received their own introductory episodes that revealed their personal reasons for fighting as backdrops for Ai Ohto (the default protagonist of the series to this point).

Meanwhile Neiru has quietly been at Ai’s side the entire time. They meet at the end of the first episode after Ai has her “one free roll” so to speak and Ai immediately tries to reach out to her with mixed results. By the end of the second episode, they’re friends — a reflection of Ai’s desire to foster genuine friendships and a continuation of the relationship she builds with Minami Suzuhara, the egg girl or captured maiden of that week. Neiru is used as both a foil to Ai and the person to whom Ai grows closest as the series progresses. Presented as someone who rarely allows people to affect her emotionally, Neiru allows Ai to see more of her than Neiru’s personality would initially suggest, reflecting both of their loneliness.