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[Three] Akane Shinjou wakes up — SSSS.Gridman

Building castles in the sky is a forte of mine. From a very young age, I immersed myself in books, reading everything I could get my hands on from local library recommendations to my mother’s romance novels (which I really shouldn’t have been reading at that age and definitely didn’t understand until I was much older). In junior high school I found anime through Sailor Moon and never looked back. This coming April I will have been blogging about anime here at Atelier Emily for six years. Anime obviously means a lot to me.

It was all too easy to become lost in the media I consumed. Walking down the street with a pair of headphones, I could suddenly imagine myself figure-skating an olympic-winning routine. At night, I could re-read one of the many books stashed underneath my pillow and imagine myself as someone who wasn’t cold, awkward, and ugly. Instead, I was gregarious, beautiful, and warm.

Sometimes, you have to wake up.


Closing thoughts on Rikka and Akane’s relationship in SSSS.Gridman

“Who knew this fleeting moment could be so beautiful, so cherished, filling the hole in my heart.”

-‘youthful beautiful,’ Maaya Uchida, SSSS.Gridman ending theme

From what we know of gods, they tend to create beings in their own image. Akane Shinjou’s Rikka Takarada is no exception.