The Visuals of Amanchu!’s Opening Sequence

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“Million Clouds” sung in dulcet, relaxing tones by Maaya Sakamoto is the perfect opening song for Amanchu!. As Futaba Ooki looks out at the vastness of the ocean while waves lap at her feet in the sand, it’s clear that Amanchu! is going to be another Kozue Amano property in the similar vein of Aria — allowing viewers’ cares to melt away throughout the episode, or with each beautiful note of the opening song.

I was initially going to write about Futaba’s first day in school, comparing Amanchu!’s focus on establishing the seaside setting of Ito on the Izu Peninsula as a main character of the series alongside Hikari Kohinata and Futaba. When revisiting the opening, I was struck by how pointed the visuals were, especially having watched the first episode entirely.


Nights in Neo-Venezia

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The definition of “aria” is rooted in the Greek or Latin “aer” for atmosphere, and the Italian meaning of “air.” Surely I am not the first to bring this up within the context of Aria the Animation – along with its successors in the franchise: Aria the Natural and Aria the Origination – so I’ll humbly beg for your forgiveness in treading familiar waters. In music, an aria has come to mean an expressive piece for a single voice that is only one portion of a larger presentation.