[Seven] Bonnouji’s Adult Relationship

bonnouji, manga

Long before I blogged about anime, I wrote fan fiction. All of it is awful. The stories that made an attempt at romance are especially bad. My buildup and character development was solid; however, upon reaching the point where the two characters would actually be together, or admit their love for one another, I wouldn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to write romance competently, never mind any sort of sexual interaction. I still don’t.

Upon visiting a high school friend in Boston this past May, he asked me if I still wrote any sort of fiction, fan or otherwise. I disappointed him by saying no, and attributed my lack of production to numerous things – this blog being one of them – including my romance struggles mentioned above. As the former top writer of erotica for his university magazine, sex scenes are old hat for him at this point. He is still currently writing, and attempting to be published.

I asked him what his secret was. His response?

“Writing about sex somehow also has to be funny, but not too funny. Because sex is fucking awkward.”