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#10 — Gatchaman Crowds (2013) and Gatchaman Crowds insight (2015)

To this day, my cellphone wallpaper is Gatchaman Crowds‘ Hajime Ichinose. She’s pulling a confused look as fellow gatchaman team member Sugune Tachibana admits that he only uses his phone for calls.

Calls are the feature of my phone that I use the least, for the record.


[Four] The Girl and the Atmosphere

tsubasa misudachi at the end of the road, tsubasa misudachi gatchaman crowds insight, tsubasa ghostly image gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds insight tsubasa

“When you see someone in trouble in front of you, you act before you think. That’s how you’ve always been since you were a child, and I’ve always been proud of you because of that. But right now, you need to think hard. What is it that you can do?”

-Yuru-jii to his great-granddaughter Tsubasa, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 10


Fireworks: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 12 [END]

interrupted by fireworks, fireworks for hajime, hajime ichinose's fireworks, tsubasa misudachi fireworks, tsubasa misudachi makes fireworks for hajime gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds insight finale, gatchaman crowds insight END

In the first season of Gatchaman Crowds, Hajime Ichinose had her collages.

Not only were they a cute hobby that tied Hajime to some influential Tachikawa locals, but they acted as a metaphor – albeit a heavy-handed one – for the way Hajime herself acts. Repeatedly in the first season, she would express how wonderful it was when everyone “came together,” combining their respective talents into something different, exciting, or meaningful, much like a collage. Hajime was always slow and dawdling, sometimes to a fault, but her personality also brought other large personalities together, creating something entirely new.

It’s only fitting that Gatchaman Crowds insight‘s finale allowed its new heroine, Tsubasa Misudachi, to show off her own creative talents in the form of a fireworks show. Fireworks are an easy shortcut to Tsubasa’s personality – emotionally-charged, quick to anger, and fiercely passionate – as she’s naturally intense but also acts before she thinks. Unlike a collage, fireworks immediately impress and often inspire an emotional response; however, they’re also fleeting. For Tsubasa, fireworks are also the tradition of her family that she carries with pride.


Are You Not Entertained? Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 11

kuu-sama disappear, the kuu-sama vanish, gelsadra dies, gel sadra dies and the people watch, gel sadra's death reaction, gatchaman crowds insight kuu-sama vanish, kuu-sama gatchaman

Trade offs occur frequently in everyday life – more often than not when money or resources are concerned. In a business sense, trading off usually weighs a more immediate solution against a long-term one, leaving the company or individual to calculated the benefits and risks involved before making a decision.

Regardless of the end result, trading off requires a choice. Something must be given, and with every decision something is lost.


Sowing the Seeds: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 10

yuru-jii and tsubasa, tsubasa misudachi, tsubasa and her great-grandfather talk about the war gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds insight yurujii

“The most terrifying thing in this world is atmosphere. You don’t remember at all how it’s made, but little by little, it was being forged with certainty. For our country, for peace, and to protect our livelihood  let’s all become one and do our best.”

-Yuru-jii, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 10

In an atmosphere where the Kuu are primarily born of people’s innermost fears, Rhythm Suzuki is given the perfect environment to sow his seeds of doubt and gathered influence.