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The Regulars at Anime High Schools: Musings on Student Council Presidency

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In fifth grade, I had my second experience with student government – my previous experience involved making campaign posters for a boy I liked in third grade – when my friend Betsy decided to run for Student Council President of our elementary school. Together, we crafted the ingenious slogan that would propel her into office: “Don’t get wet-sy. Vote for Betsy!” In addition to campaign posters with umbrellas, and little umbrella-shaped flyers, a friend and I misted her as she gave her speech under an umbrella to the entirety of our school.

Naturally, she won.


This Crown of Love I Shall Adorn: On Watching Without Irony

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All I wanted for Christmas was Guilty Crown.

This may be surprising to some, due to how maligned the series was while airing. Unwitting passenger on the autumn 2011 hype train, Guilty Crown became a must-see series months before the first episode aired. It debuted to a smattering of applause, with an eager audience waiting with baited breath for the series to deliver on its supposed promises. They continued to wait, and wait, until slowly, viewers began to disembark from the hype train, especially when the conductor himself couldn’t stand to watch the series past the seventh episode. Guilty Crown became a joke, something to watch to see what new crazy plot development the staff would come up with next, and the anime blogging community pounced on every misstep. I too, joined in on this fun.

In spite of being an obvious target – the easiest of 2011, if the year-end lists are to be believed – the majority of viewers in the blogging community stuck with Guilty Crown to the end. The term “watching ironically” was bandied about, as it often is with any sort of series deemed terrible, “terribad,” or of the “so bad, it’s good” variety. However, I don’t particularly believe in so-called ironic enjoyment.