I want to [㋐] but I don’t want to [B] — Sarazanmai Episode 3

All of Sarazanmai‘s episode titles have been structured as such: “I want to connect/be connected but I want to [X].” The [X] part of the equation is always negative — I want to lie, I want to take — and could be restructured as such linguistically.

I want to be connected, but I don’t want to tell the truth.

I want to connect, but I don’t want to give.

The translated title of the series’ third episode “I want to connect, but it’s not meant to be” includes the negative directly.

These statements all guide us to one of Sarazanmai‘s key thematic elements, the dichotomy of what the series sets up as “love” versus “desire,” wanting something but not wanting a key part of what that something entails.


Who is Harukappa? — Random thoughts and the visuals of Sarazanmai’s cold open

“I never asked anyone to understand me! This is my own business. It’s the connection between me and Harukappa. For that, I’ll pretend to be anything!”

-Kazuki Yasaka, Sarazanmai, Episode 1

Naturally, some of the questions inspired by Kazuki Yasaka’s outburst is of Harukappa, who they are, and what Kazuki’s relationship or connection to them is exactly.

The short answer is that Harukappa is Harukawa Yasaka, a kid who lives with Kazuki and is likely Kazuki’s younger sibling.

(a few mild spoilers for Mawaru Penguindrum, specifically Episode 9)