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On Studio Trigger and Inspiration: Yoh Yoshinari’s Little Witch Apprentices

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“The theme was about a young animator who joins the industry looking up to a -sorry for the term- lowbrow late-night magical girl anime. So he’s mocked by people around him.”

-Yoh Yoshinari on Little Witch Academia, interview with Animestyle (2013)


Don’t Lose Your Way: Fanservice and Space Patrol Luluco

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Let’s talk fanservice.


The New Adolescence of Studio Trigger: Kiznaiver and Space Patrol Luluco

uchuu patrol luluco episode 2 empty city, alpha omega nova and luluco, luluco and alpha omega nova space patrol luluco episode 2

“I just wanted to live a normal life.”

“Nothing amazing happens here. Everything is ordinary. ”

These phrases summarize the two primary teen narratives found in anime — in addition to a myriad of other media and fiction. The former is from Studio Trigger’s latest short, Space Patrol Luluco. The latter is from the gold standard for male adolescence in anime: Studio Gainax’s FLCL. Naturally, the fact that Trigger is in many ways an offshoot of Gainax, founded by former Gainax animator and director Hiroyuki Imaishi is highly relevant.


[Ten] Learning to understand my peers, and Amagi Brilliant Park.

amagi brilliant park, kanie seiya, kanye west amagi, amaburi, moffle, kanye and moffle fight

With two days of long meetings, and forced fraternization, coming to a close, my boss rose from his seat at the table. The waning moments of this business trip, he said, were to be spent talking amongst ourselves, as requested by one of my co-workers. As the door closed behind him, 14 of us looked around the table at each other quizzically. The coworker in question stood up and declared this a time to air our grievances with one another.


[Eleven] The time that I watched the Kill la Kill OVA on a business trip.

satsuki kiryuin, satsuki, satsuki cuts her hair, kill la kill, kill la kill ova, kill la kill graduation

Late August of this past year, I was informed that my presence was required at a weekend-long business trip in Oklahoma. Without delving too much into my day job, the majority of my peers are in Texas. Prior to these meetings, they did not reach out to me, a remote member of their group, preferring to stay within their own, impenetrable clique.