Fireworks: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 12 [END]

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In the first season of Gatchaman Crowds, Hajime Ichinose had her collages.

Not only were they a cute hobby that tied Hajime to some influential Tachikawa locals, but they acted as a metaphor – albeit a heavy-handed one – for the way Hajime herself acts. Repeatedly in the first season, she would express how wonderful it was when everyone “came together,” combining their respective talents into something different, exciting, or meaningful, much like a collage. Hajime was always slow and dawdling, sometimes to a fault, but her personality also brought other large personalities together, creating something entirely new.

It’s only fitting that Gatchaman Crowds insight‘s finale allowed its new heroine, Tsubasa Misudachi, to show off her own creative talents in the form of a fireworks show. Fireworks are an easy shortcut to Tsubasa’s personality – emotionally-charged, quick to anger, and fiercely passionate – as she’s naturally intense but also acts before she thinks. Unlike a collage, fireworks immediately impress and often inspire an emotional response; however, they’re also fleeting. For Tsubasa, fireworks are also the tradition of her family that she carries with pride.


Sowing the Seeds: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 10

yuru-jii and tsubasa, tsubasa misudachi, tsubasa and her great-grandfather talk about the war gatchaman crowds insight, gatchaman crowds insight yurujii

“The most terrifying thing in this world is atmosphere. You don’t remember at all how it’s made, but little by little, it was being forged with certainty. For our country, for peace, and to protect our livelihood  let’s all become one and do our best.”

-Yuru-jii, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 10

In an atmosphere where the Kuu are primarily born of people’s innermost fears, Rhythm Suzuki is given the perfect environment to sow his seeds of doubt and gathered influence.


Opting Out: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 9

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Previously, Gatchaman Crowds insight covered outbound marketing through the arrival of the Kuu. To review, they were a product that was automatically shipped and delivered to Gel Sadra’s constituents – without his own knowledge – and their intoxicating auras along with their happy personalities immediately ingratiated them to the Japanese people. Like more traditional examples of outbound marketing like junk mail and cold calls, the Kuu necessitate an action. The general populace must choose to opt out in order to rid themselves of this particularly virulent strain.

Unfortunately, this also requires standing up to the prevailing atmosphere, something that the Kuu actively make difficult.


Outbound and Inbound Marketing: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 7

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The current perception of traditional, so-called outbound, marketing is incredibly negative. Cold calling is a thing of the past, with the “do not call list,” caller ID, or the lack of a landline phone altogether. Most people employ ad-blockers online – even if they do purposefully disable them for sites they want to support – to rid themselves of website banners or pop-ups. Most snail mail is easily tossed into the nearest trash or recycling bin. And anyone who is asked by their company to dare and knock on the doors of people’s houses is certainly to be pitied – even girl scouts selling their well-known cookies can barely get away with this anymore.

Outbound marketing is the more traditional newspaper or magazine advertisement, designed to introduce the masses to one’s product. It’s easy to fall back on to create an initial contact point, or if one isn’t internet-savvy enough to maximize the potential of online inbound marketing. A mixture of both usually yields the best results, even with outbound marketing’s negative connotations.


Rules of Customer Engagement: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 6

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For any retailer, corporation, or even political campaign, there is guaranteed to be an entire plan of action focused on customer or consumer engagement. Most retail stores have an “engagement” step in their actual selling process, and politicians visit very specific places to shake hands, sign autographs, and kiss the occasional baby. As Jou so succinctly said in insight‘s previous episode, people value face to face communication, even when it’s less efficient than texting, or chatting on GALAX.

When people feel like they’re genuinely cared for, they’re more likely to open themselves up to whatever you’re selling.