megumi aino

Princess of Anxiety

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A pitfall I fell into during junior high school was making tenuous and superficial friendships based on my concentrated efforts to fit in with my classmates. This would come back to haunt me my second year when I missed nearly two months of school due to illness. Keeping up my studies by sending in homework and reading the textbooks at home, I did not fall too far behind in schoolwork. This was fortunate, as it meant that I could go back to school once I had wholly recovered instead of continuing to wander around the house, lonely.

The night before returning to school, I dreamed of how my reintroduction would go. I would command attention as soon as I walked into the classroom. Everyone would be concerned about my welfare, asking me where I’d been and if I was okay. In these delusions, I somehow forgot that I was a self-centered junior high school student who had not opened up to anyone prior to falling ill.