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Sowing the Seeds: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 10

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“The most terrifying thing in this world is atmosphere. You don’t remember at all how it’s made, but little by little, it was being forged with certainty. For our country, for peace, and to protect our livelihood  let’s all become one and do our best.”

-Yuru-jii, Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 10

In an atmosphere where the Kuu are primarily born of people’s innermost fears, Rhythm Suzuki is given the perfect environment to sow his seeds of doubt and gathered influence.


I Can See Your Halo (Effect): Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 5

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Brand loyalty is often difficult to come by. If a company can convince their consumer base that a specific positive trait of one of their products extends to their entire merchandise catalogue or message, it often translates into a sales boost across the board. A favorable outlook on one product, or political value often creates a cognitive bias that extends to the entire company or party platform respectively.

This is a halo effect.


Opening the Social Media Pandora’s Box: Rui Ninomiya and Rhythm Suzuki

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“I did give them power, a hundred capable GALAXters I chose. But we’ll update the world without relying on that power!”

– Rui Ninomiya, Gatchaman Crowds, Episode 3

For someone who is now labelled an optimist who believes in the good of others, Rui Ninomiya was, and remains, quite the opposite.


VAPE’s Marketing Penetration: Gatchaman Crowds insight Episode 2

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In the first season of Gatchaman Crowds, Rui Ninomiya had the market cornered on using social media networks as a tool for social improvement. However, it’s a new season now, and Rui must rebrand GALAX in order to stay competitive. Perhaps lessons from Gel Sadra are in order.