ritsu tainaka

After Class Tea Time: Graduation, and K-ON!’s First Year at College

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“Really gives you that ‘new life’ feeling, doesn’t it?”

-Mio Akiyama to Ritsu Tainaka on waking up to their first day of college, K-ON! College, page 4

An odd social experiment was conducted in my third year of college. Notorious for its faulty internet services – registering for classes became an all-day activity beginning at 5:00a.m. involving constant browser refreshing and oceans of tears – the servers experienced a significant crash for the first two months of the 2004 autumn semester. I was on the school newspaper staff at the time, and one of the more interesting articles written on the subject involved the social effect on incoming freshman that year. Past classes of wide-eyed, confused, and lonely first-years had relied on the likes of AIM or other varied internet messaging systems to stay in touch with their high school friends, as cell phones were not nearly as ubiquitous as they are now. These options were not available to what would become the graduating class of 2008, and their safety net of existing friends and family was further from reach than it had been for previous classes.

So what did the class of 2008 do?