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World Conquest Zvezda Plot On Conquering the World

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Asuta Jimon is someone who is admittedly lost. His initial introduction shows him wandering the streets of West Udogawa aimlessly, having just left the shelter of his incredibly powerful father. As we come to know him in the series, he is someone who values closeness, specifically when it comes to mealtime, and eschews the influence that he could have had from being the son of Kyoshiro Jimon: Governor of Tokyo. He lacks direction, and doesn’t know what he wants to do. The idea of what he should do with his life has presumably been laid out for him from a very early age, with only one path to travel.

However, he is very firm in his belief that, even while lost, he should be allowed to make his own mistakes, going against the plans that were structured for him. Asuta may not have a plan for what he wants to do with his life, he may still be attempting to define what he cares about the most, but in the midst of all of that indecisiveness, he knows that he wants a world in which he is allowed to choose what he wants to do.


Just who is that masked person, anyway? Exploring identity in World Conquest Zvezda Plot.

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Jimon Asuta’s adventures with the secret society of Zvezda begin with a mask. The mask is not to hide his identity, but to welcome the individual, Jimon Asuta, into the Zvezda fold. As a member of Zvezda, Asuta will wear a mask to show allegiance to the group as a whole, making his existence synonymous with Zvezda. When Kate Hoshimiya offers Asuta a place within her organization, it comes with the erasure of his current social position of transient high school student.

However, Jimon Asuta is not simply a teenage runaway. He is the son of the governor of Tokyo, and someone who would presumably have a great deal of social weight, were he to accept that position.


Owning Your Ground: Notes on World Conquest Zvezda Plot

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“No matter what anyone says, I own the ground I stand upon. That’s the first step to conquering the world.”

-Kate Hoshimiya, World Conquest Zvezda Plot, episode 1

While driving to work last week, I glanced towards the on-ramp immediately before my exit, as I usually do. Accelerating down the on-ramp was a large, black sport utility vehicle. Judging the distance between my speed and theirs, the length of the on-ramp, and the distance that I was traveling on the highway, it appeared to me that I would pass the entrance before that vehicle. I sped up a bit, just to be safe. Simultaneously, they sped up and continued to accelerate. I sped up a bit more. They continued accelerating. This went on until I was forced to slow down, allowing the other car to merge onto the highway ahead of my vehicle’s position. The interstate belongs to no car, but at that moment, that sport utility vehicle owned the highway, and I had been thoroughly conquered.