shouma takakura

“I can’t leave you alone!” “The Conscience of a Grand and Creative Plan

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Humming to herself, she carefully tucks a worn, pink-covered notebook into her schoolbag. It brushes gently against the penguin cell-phone strap and last night’s homework. Boarding the train with her chattering friends, eating lunch as a group while one of them drones on endlessly about the cute guy she bumped into the other day, and stopping by the grocery store on her way home for necessary dinner ingredients, her thoughts are always occupied with one thing: her grand and creative plan to save her family. Everything she does, it’s all for her family.

Every night, he talks to ghosts. Of course, he knows that they’re not real, that the warm and affectionate light and delicious steam wafting from a bubbling pot on the stove top do not exist, yet he feels them. He wills them into his existence, and swears to carry out their bloody legacy in order to protect his sister. Following the night he accepted that envelope on the train, a last-ditch effort in order to keep the roof over their heads, his hands have become dirtier and dirtier. But no matter, as it’s all for his family, and his sister.



Himari Takakura’s Fun and Exciting Mika-chan House

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Bedroom decor can often be seen as a reflection of one’s personality or desires. If one is fortunate enough to have their own bedroom as a child, it may be the only “private” place for them in the house. When my brother and I were allotted separate rooms around the time I entered fifth grade, my room became my sanctuary. Much to my parents’ dismay, I pasted up drawings and paintings of my own on the walls, ruining their hard work in papering and preparing the room.

Our doorway into the world of Mawaru Penguindrum is Himari Takakura’s bedroom. It is a purposeful entry point that ushers us in and offers us a comfortable seat in the first episode, and shows us out gracefully in the last.