someday in the rain

Yuyushiki episode 11 and one day, in the rain.

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“But I’m in a bind…I didn’t bring an umbrella.”

“One will be enough.”

-A conversation between Kyon and Haruhi Suzumiya, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, episode 28.

I can still recall the days when it rained while I was in high school. The hallways sounded different, as shoes squeaked noisily against the floor, water dripped from jackets in lockers and coat closets, and bright yellow “caution” signs were quickly unfolded, placed in strategic locations to prevent students from slipping. Above all, there was a scent, specific only to rainy days; that undeniable “school smell” amplified by musty raincoats, and wet rubber. Rainy days stood apart from the days that preceded them in the week, isolating themselves, causing sunny days to blend together in comparison.

Hand in hand with this power to isolate, rainy days often carry with them a level of introspection. Some days, when it rains, it feels as if time has slowed, or come to a gentle stop. Yuyushiki uses this feeling to its advantage, effectively separating its main cast of Yui, Yukari, and Yuzuko from the rest of the series for a moment of reflection before the series comes to an end in the following week.

In this way, Yuyushiki has the perfect penultimate episode.