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Is Lucky Star rewatchable? (some thoughts about how anime viewing and curation has changed)

A few weeks ago I pitched a podcast idea to a few friends. We would revisit an old anime to see if it was rewatchable or not and additionally, as one of the friends’ anime experience was and is fairly small, whether it was accessible to an uninformed audience.

This premise isn’t to be confused with the many wonderful anime podcasts out there that genuinely cover older, more vetted material like Anime Nostalgia (who just did a great recommendations episode on older manga) as a recommendation source. Instead, it’s more of a tangentially-related aside at specific genre pieces from the past ten to fifteen years.

My first suggestion was the 2007 Kyoto Animation adaptation of Lucky Star.


Don’t Lose Your Way: Fanservice and Space Patrol Luluco

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Let’s talk fanservice.


Plastic Memories’ Isla as the Beautiful Premium Girl

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“Her character was locked in as translucent — like a shadow, or the air. The kind of girl you can’t touch. The girl you long for, but there is nothing about her that you can hold.”

– Yoshiyuki Sadamoto on Rei Ayanami’s character design in Neon Genesis Evangelion

So many have followed in her footsteps that it’s now difficult to believe that Rei Ayanami’s design was unique. While her specific character has stood the test of time, her appearance, along with her more superficial character traits, has not. Plastic Memories’ Isla is one of many expys attempting to capture the elusive allure of the original “premium girl.”