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[Nine] Round and round like dancing laundry — Carole & Tuesday

One of the most popular songs of my adolescence was The Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” If you actually bother to listen to the lyrics of this song they make no sense whatsoever beyond random phrases set to a catchy tune. Comprehension didn’t matter when a friend belted out “Tell me whyyyyyy” and you could immediately follow up with “Ain’t nothing but a heartache.”


Carole and Tuesday and how we talk about music

A world without music. A world without art. A world without — insert Shoji Kawamori voice here — culture.

This is the setting of Carole and Tuesday. Fifty years after Mars was colonized by humanity, everything culture-related is designed by algorithms. It’s not a society without culture per se, but it’s one where art is completely removed from human hands — a much more realistic outcome of what is currently happening across every artistic discipline.

Carole and Tuesday isn’t the first series to take on a world without music or art, but it could end up being one of the most prescient.