The Abject Art of Utsutsu

utsutsu, gatchaman, gatchaman crowds, "I'm dreamy," "I'm gloomy"

“Utsutsu, you’ve become a wonderful person.”

-O.D., Gatchaman Crowds, episode seven

There are a myriad of ways that one could apply Gatchaman Crowds‘ episode seven title, “Abjection,” to the series as a whole. I am going to focus specifically on Utsutsu, because of both her inherent power and emotional transformation.

Utsutsu is introduced to the viewer as a waifish, child-like girl in a bikini who only says, “I’m gloomy.” Due to her appearance and dreamy, child-like nature, Utsutsu could have certainly come off as a one note character (literally, thanks to the fact that she only speaks one phrase). However, she instead becomes the first side character, other than Rui, to receive emotional development thanks to the series’ treatment of her.