yoru wa mijikashi aruke yo otome

[One] The night is short, so walk on girl

“A mysterious night that seemed to span an entire year. If she would be kind enough to tell me about her exploits, I would respond with the memories of mine.”

-“Senpai,” Night Is Short Walk On Girl

Many, many years ago, before I worried as much about anything and everything, I had nights like the one in Masaaki Yuasa’s anime film adaptation of Tomihiko Morimi’s novel Night Is Short Walk On Girl. Nights where the entire world seemed to stretch before me endlessly. Nights where I would seemingly be lost in the Vermont woods until the light of day revealed a small trail behind my campus. Nights that could contain everything from romance to heartbreak, or both.

The time I told my friend smoking languidly in a dirty spotlight outside his townhouse that he was beautiful.

The time a group of friends and I decided to snowboard at 2 a.m..

The time another friend and played beer pong until sunrise using the half-empty bottles abandoned after a house party.

The time, the time, the time.