Orange Episodic Blogging for Crunchyroll

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A new season means a new series to cover over at Crunchyroll. Previously I blogged Kiznaiver, which was a series that caught my attention thanks to its subject matter, visual direction, and attention to floral details.

For the 2016 summer season, I’m happy to say that I’m going to be blogging Orange weekly. I picked up the Orange manga earlier this year due to several recommendations from friends and have written about it previously in relation to Erased (major spoilers for both in that post). My episodic entries for Orange will include letters to my sixteen year-old self — also general high school/early college-aged self — regarding personal regrets or past mistakes. Hopefully they’ll be as enjoyable to read as they are to write.

My post and letter for Orange‘s premiere can be found here. Thank you.


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  1. Been lurking here for a while and wanted to say I’m excited for your posts. You’re one of the more coherent writers in the aniblogging community, and your essays are always thoughtful and personal.
    Did you know they produced a live-action-film based on the manga in December 2015? I watched it on the plane and enjoyed its portrayal of regrets, friendship, and self-acceptance. The story is strong, and if the anime tells it well I think you’ll love it.

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