Archived Series: 2013


A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Academy City Holiday: Mikoto Misaka and Misaka 9982

Majestic Prince

Majestic Prince and the Art of Communication


Yuyushiki and the Chiho Aikawa Formula

One, Two, and Yuzuko Makes Three in the Fifth Episode of Yuyushiki

Yuyushiki Episode Six and the Kei Okano Variable

Who Supports the One Who is Left Behind?

Everybody Loves Somebody: Kei Okano, Fumi Hasegawa, and Midori Tokiwa

Yuyushiki is Still Sitting Pretty

Yuyushiki Episode 11 And One Day in the Rain



On Love and Prodigy: Free! episode 1,

Free! to be ugly: Rei Ryuugazaki.

The Relay and Free!

Gatchaman Crowds

Clean up your MESS! Transformation in Gatchaman Crowds and otherworldly spaces.

In Defense of Hajime Ichinose: Gatchaman.

MESSy Methods of Communication

Come Together: Gatchaman Crowds Episode 5

Wild Speculation of a Bird in Space: Rui Ninomiya 

The Abject Art of Utsutsu

Constantin Brâncuși, Berg Kattse, and how I was wrong.

Genuine as opposed to what?

The world your word is we are not alone…in our confusion over the Gatchaman Crowds OP lyrics.

Uninstall Your Life, You N00blord

MESSy Thoughts at Gatchaman Crowds’ End

Monogatari Series Second Season

From this pile of dust into the ideal woman: Nadeko Sengoku

Uchouten Kazoku

Uchouten Kazoku and the Effects of an Absurd Death.

The pretense of strength in Uchouten Kazoku episode 3.

“I’m definitely going to eat you up!” Uchouten Kazoku and Relationships as Social Capital


Defining the girl and not the hobby: WataMote episode 1

Since I’m not popular, I’ll use my imagination.


Ace of Diamond

The Monstrous Consequences of Being an Ace

Galilei Donna

Lord Help the Mister Who Comes Between Me and my Sister

Kill la Kill

What (Not) to Wear: Undressing Kill la Kill’s Wardrobe

Fashioning a Life From Fiber

Mako as the Greek Chorus of Kill la Kill

Kyoukai no Kanata

Beyond the Boundary of Arrogance

The Selfishness of Living in Kyoukai no Kanata


Kyousogiga and What We Find There

Kyousogiga and the Strength of Koto’s Tears

I can accept this place as my home: Kyousogiga and me.

Needing to Know in Kyousogiga

Yakushimaru in Wonderland


Sentiment Amasses Around Guys in Glasses

Nagi no Asukara

A Life in Stasis: Chisaki Hiradaira

Nagi no Asukara and the Placebo Effect

The Story of a Lull in the Sea

Samurai Flamenco

Idols of Her Past, Idol in Her Present: Mari Maya

Samurai Flamenco: To do good, or to do no harm

The Musicbox Mechanism of Samurai Flamenco

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