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Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! and “the greatest world”

This is it. The greatest world.


On the perception of fanworks (and Magia Record)

I’ve been thinking a lot about fanworks lately.

More specifically, I’ve been thinking a lot about fanfiction and how frequently it’s written off or denigrated publicly, but this also somewhat applies to fanart and other methods of engaging with a media property outside of the recognized canon.

Part of this is because of the recent Star Wars canon (I’m using this word very loosely here) post-The Rise of Skywalker, part of this is because I’m a fanfiction writer myself (compartmentalization comes remarkably easy to me), and part of this is because Magia Record aired today.


#1 — Mawaru Penguindrum (2011)

Seizon senryaku, bitches.

(I don’t usually spoiler tag things because I expect people to realize that this is a very spoilery blog, but just in case, MAJOR CONTENT SPOILERS for Mawaru Penguindrum.)


#2 — From the New World (2012)

I hadn’t rewatched From the New World until I reviewed it specifically for this list. Because it has been seven years, I had forgotten the actual opening of the series — instead, the ubiquitous image of this show, the children standing on a hill at sunset, is what had stuck in my mind.

From the New World begins with a flickering camera, tension that the viewer can instantly feel, before it’s released in a series of human explosions to Antonín Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 (From the New World). More specifically, “Largo” or “Going Home” as it’s more commonly known in the United States. It then transitions, still playing this song, to the image I remembered. As if they’re talking to the viewer directly, one of the children says, “When they play ‘The Way Home’ plays on the speakers you have to head back.” It’s equal parts haunting, stunning, and (upon rewatching) emotionally-affecting despite the fact that a fresh viewer knows nothing about the violence shown in brief bursts or these children arguing at sunset.

It’s only a taste of what’s to come.